SAMPLE- Time Square, 2013

SAMPLE- Time Square, 2013

Black and white inkjet print

Size A: 24 x 48 inches (61 x 121.9 cm)

Size B: XYZ

Edition of 100

Manhattan Storage, 2013

Manhattan Storage, 2013

black and white inkjet print

10 x 8 inches

25.4 x 20.3 cm

I Had a Dream I Could Fly, New York City, 2013.jpg
Just Another Day at the Beach, North Florida, 2013.jpg
Man Behind the Choir,St Bart's Church, New York City, 2013.jpg
Mom Worked Here in WWII, Chrysler Building, New York, 2013.jpg
Sculpture on Beach,Key West, Florida, 2014.jpg
Nature Versus Man, Jacksonville, Florida, 2013.jpg
Stolen Kiss, The High Line, New York City, 2013.jpg
Swim At Your Own Risk, Boynton Inlet,Florida, 2013.jpg
Walking The High Line, New York City 2013.jpg
SAMPLE Time Square, 2014

SAMPLE Time Square, 2014

Black and white C-print

Size A: 18 x 24 inches ( 45.72 x 60.69 cm)

Size B: 38 x 46 (--- x -- cm)